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Middle School & High School

Here at SHUP, we believe that getting youth involved in missions at an early age helps to build a strong community.  Starting in the fall and going through most of the school year, our youth participate in Monday Mission.  In addition to visiting members of SHUP who may not be able to get to services on a regular basis, we help out members with yard work and other small projects at their homes.  During Lent, our youth put together baskets with items donated by the Deacons and deliver them as special treats to some members to let them know that even though they may not be able to join us every Sunday, they are always in our prayers. 

Our Middle School age youth also go on a week long mission to Camp Crestfield every year.  While there, we travel to sites and help out in those communities.  To learn more about Crestfield, you can visit them at


Our High School age youth go on a different Mission every year.  These 5-day trips usually consist of our youth assisting in small home projects, working with children in a local kids program and working with senior citizens at different facilities.  These experiences help our youth grow in their faith and see the world in a different light.  Our motto is "be the hands and feet of Jesus."  We fund our trips by selling evergreens, food items and doing Flamingo Flockings.

If you would like to support our missions, head over to our Youth Fundraiser page by clicking here

​At World Vision's Pittsburgh Global Distribution Center our youth sort, process and package donated items for domestic and international distribution.  Since 1990, World Vision's GIK program has distributed high-quality donations valued at $3.0 billion, including medical supplies, clothes and shoes, school supplies, personal care products, and other needed items.

Duquesne Victory Garden is a Mission to help teach people how to grow food and promote the benefits gardens bring to city neighborhoods.  Every year, our youth head down to the gardens in the early spring to help prepare the gardens for planting.  

Garfield Farms.jpg

Garfield Community Farm provides fresh produce and educational opportunities with neighbors in the Garfield community.  They seek to demonstrate God's restoration of creation through urban agriculture. 

​Our youth head down every year to help prepare the community gardens.

When a child is sick and has an extended stay at Children's Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House charities understand the importance of giving family members a place to stay so they can spend time with their child rather than commuting to and from home.  Our youth go to the facility to make dinner for those families.  After a long day, a nice hot meal and someone to prepare it, can make a big difference. 

Horses with Hope is a discovery, growth, and learning center that can be used as a resource for numerous populations in and around the Pittsburgh and Washington communities. Each participant is encouraged to reach their full potential, assisting them to reach beyond their abilities by the partnership developed with the horse.  Horses With Hope applies the power of equine therapy to improve the physical, mental, emotional and social quality of life for the Pittsburgh region's children, youth, and adults with physical and behavioral health.


​This year our youth visited The Horses With Hope to learn more about what they do.  They also made a water feature and colored pole guides to be used at the facility.

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