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Sunset Hills Book Club

August 30th,
September 27th, 
October 25th,
November 29th,
December 27th
& January 31st 2024
7:30 pm


Join Pastor Laura for some lively conversations.

Every month Pastor Laura will chose a book that will inspire you, excite you and get your thoughts flowing.  

At the end of every month you are invited to join Pastor Laura for discussion about the book so you can share your thoughts.

Everyone is welcome!  Invite your family, friends and neighbors.

If you would like to join Pastor Laura, please contact the church office at (412) 561-6261 to register.

jack a life of cs.jpg

September 2023
Jack: A Life of CS Lewis
George Sayer

first ladies.jpg

November 2023
First Ladies
M. Benedict
V. Murray


In Deep Waters.jpg

October 2023
In Deep Waters
Talitha Amadea Aho

lion wittch wardrobe.jpg

December 2023
The Lion, the Witch
& the Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis

in between.jpg

January 2024
The In-Between
Hadley Vlahos


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