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Sunset Hills Book Club

February 28th,
March 27th
May 29th 
June 26th

7:30 pm

Via Zoom through March.

Join Pastor Laura for some lively conversations.

Every month Pastor Laura will chose a book that will inspire you, excite you and get your thoughts flowing.  

At the end of every month you are invited to join Pastor Laura for discussion about the book so you can share your thoughts.

Everyone is welcome!  Invite your family, friends and neighbors.

If you would like to join Pastor Laura, please contact the church office at (412) 561-6261 to register.

How the word is passed.jpg

February 2024
How the Word is Passed
Clint Smith


the magnolia place.jpg

March 2024
The Magnolia Place
Fiona Davis


May 2024
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
James McBride

empress of the nile.jpg

June 2024
Empress of the Nile
Lynne Olson

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