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SHUP offers a variety of adult missions. Some occur right here at the church and others take us out into the community.

Born 50 years ago as South Hills Interfaith Ministries by, no kidding, a priest, a rabbi and a minister, SHIM has been providing food, clothing and services to people in need in Pittsburgh’s southern suburban neighborhoods ever since. Faced with unprecedented new levels of suburban poverty, SHIM is expanding our work to include more neighbors helping more neighbors in need.

Together, with teams of dedicated volunteers, donors and partners, we’re working to reduce the devastating effects of suburban poverty among the working poor, unemployed, families, single parents, senior citizens, women and the high concentration of refugee families in our service.

Here at SHUP, we collect food and pantry items all year long.  We have a committee headed up by our Deacons who then collect the items and deliver them to SHIM.  

A few times a year, a group of adults/teens volunteer to go help at Garfield Farms located in Garfield.  This is a community garden that serves as a place to learn about ecosystem sustainability as well as how to continue to care for the planet that God has made for us. 

Garfield Farms Work.jpg

Sponsored by the Greater Pittsbrugh Food Bank, Produce to People exists because:

More than 74 percent of the people served at the Food Bank purchase inexpensive, unhealthy foods because they cannot afford healthier options, such as produce. To meet this need, the Food Bank holds Produce to People (P2P) distributions. Each month 8,000 households receive 30-50 pounds of produce at 18 distributions throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

SHUP members volunteer 4 times a year to go to a distribution center to organize and hand out fresh produce to our neighbors in need.

SHUP gathers together frequently to give back to the community by working with local faith-based volunteer programs around the South Hills/Mon Valley areas of Pittsburgh, PA. The collective vision is to create relationships that unite the community and help to meet needs of homeowners. 

We help homeowners with small projects such as: painting projects (inside or outside); yard clean up with garbage or debris from storms; weed whacking; trimming hedges; planting flowers; creating flower beds; laying mulch; other small requested projects.

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Mission Trip to Asheville, NC

In the past, our adults have attended a week-long mission to Asheville, NC.  While staying at Warren Wilson college, our group does work for Habitat For Humanity, the local food bank and the college. We would love to go back again soon! 

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