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Health and Wellness

Need to get out more?  Want to learn yoga, tai-chi, or square dancing?  Look no further!  Here at SHUP we have three different groups that offer these classes.  All of the classes are open to everyone.  

Instructors from breatheIN2IT Yoga studios offer both a morning and evening class.

Evening Class
Tuesday at 5:30 pm
Spring Session: Apr. 2 - May 21

Evening Class
Thursday at 7:00 pm
Spring Session: Apr. 4 - May 23

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Tai Chi
Gurney Bolster, certified Tai Chi instructor, offers an evening class for beginners.
Evening Class
Wednesday at 6:30 pm
Spring Session 2: May 1 - June 26 (no class June 5)

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Square Dancing
Everyone is welcome to join the Peanuts Square Club for a night of fun.
Evening Class
Tuesday at 7:00 pm

No registration or partner required.  $5 participation fee can be paid at the door.  To learn more about Peanut Squares visit them at: 

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