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Sunset Hills United Presbyterian Church, or SHUP, is a community-centered church, steeped in history, and passionate about our mission: To Glorify God, we reach out, nurture, and serve with Christ's love.

We're a small but growing church, nestled in the Sunset Hills neighborhood of Mt. Lebanon. Our congregation is close-knit like family, but open and welcoming to everyone who walks through our doors. Whether you're a young person searching for a place to connect, young parents looking for a church with a vibrant youth program, or in other stages of life and searching for a church that will support you in growing your faith, SHUP is the perfect fit.


From Bible studies and adult mission trips, to Kids Club and Middle and High School Youth Group programming, to robust Choir and music programs, and opportunities to serve the community, SHUP provides a wonderfully supportive and vibrant faith community where you and your family can flourish and build lasting relationships.

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